Monday, October 31, 2022

Claudia Grey - Defy the Stars (2017)


It's another SF / Romance (it's almost hard to find non-romance novels these days) which is a bit more SF than romance. Yet another first-person present-tense novel, and that's probably the reason why I read it. The story itself wasn't that special.


Human youngster, fighter pilot, prepares for a final offense / defense of her world, against the bad Terrans from Earth. Finds a derelict spaceship with an intelligent robot -- the only one of it's kind, called Abel -- and they travel the worlds of 'The Loop' looking for a way to close the space gate to her homeworld, trying to avoid the whole final offense / defense thing.

Turns out the creator of the robot had some nasty plans with his creation.

Sadly, I saw that one coming after the third chapter or so.


Is fine. Dual voice, male / female, both speaking from the perspective of the warrior and the android Abel.


Many authors are quite naïve when it comes to spaceships and spaceports, and traveling around and landing. Why would a high-tech planet like Earth just let anybody visit without checking IDs? That part simply doesn't make sense and is a common problem in many stories.


Well... YA, a bit simple. Not my thing.

There are two sequels, but I'm not sure they're worth my time. Maybe to sample yet more first-person present tense, but otherwise... nah.

(From TellTales! #114)

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