Friday, July 22, 2022

SqueezeBox - Adding radio stations to SqueezeBox LMS

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I haven't been able to find a good explanation (and there might be a better way to do it) so here's what I do...

It seems the current radio function is connected to TuneIn, so that's what I'll use. It should be possible to use other services but I'm still struggling there. In the SqueezeBox client you can enter URLs directly.

A. Using

1. TuneIn

1.1 Create a TuneIn account on

1.2 Look for the channels you want and add them to your personal favorites. You can have multiple folders, but I had some troubles with that. Just stick them in the default 'General' folder.

1.3 Rearrange the channels to your liking.

Note 1: They keep rearranging the layout. If you already have a list, then go to My Account / Library.

Note 2: it can take several minutes before any updates in TuneIn show up on the SqueezeBox LMS.

2. SqueezeBox Settings

2.1 Settings / Advanced / TuneIn Radio

2.2 Add the username you used for your TuneIn account (that would be your email address)

Note: you may have to wait a few minutes before the radio stations from TuneIn show up.

3. SqueezeBox Client

3.1 Radio / My Presets

3.2 Pick the channel you like and it will play

B. Entering URL manually

1. Find the streaming URL (Google for a radio station name plus the keyword 'stream' may help)

2. Launch the SqueezeBox Client

3. Go to Radio / Tune In URL (which seems to have nothing to do with the TuneIn website?)

4. Enter the URL, for example

5. You may have to hit the play button

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