Monday, May 30, 2022

Kameron Hurley - The Stars are Legion


Scifi with a dash of body horror, and yet another story that is hard to describe. In some far away future humanity is female only, spread over a number of ships (?) where everything is alive and build using the same basic components (variations on human genetics?).


The two main characters have hatched a plan to escape (?) the cluster of spaceships (who are not spaceships but living beings of a sort).

Something like that. Some additional specs: every woman grows spare parts in their womb (?), cannibalism is okay-ish... and around thirty percent of the book reads like Journey to the Center of the Earth, but then in reverse.

Like I said, hard to describe.


Perfect match for the somewhat weird content, tough and never freaked out.


Definitely an interesting read, though the concept might give the reader some queasy feelings.

(Dapper / TellTales! #113)


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