Monday, May 2, 2022

Django Wexler - Wells of Sorcery 1 / 2 - Ship of Smoke and Steel / City of Stone and Silence


Street orphan fights her way up to local ward boss, and has managed to hide her magical talents from the rest of the world... until they catch her, and send her to take control over the largest ship in the world, a 500 year old ghost ship that shouldn't exist.

Book 1 - Ship of Smoke and Steel

The girl survives and finds the love of her life, but is nothing but a passenger on a ship the size of a small city, fighting to survive.

Note that this is YA first person present tense stuff, but I found it enjoyable nevertheless. And the magic system – using ‘wells’ and ‘colours’ – is interesting.

Book 2 - City of Stone and Silence

The ship arrives at a city inside the arctic circle, where Deepwalker and her friends have to fight Prime, a hundreds of years old survivor who controls the old city and some kind of zombies.


Yeah. Good read if you like first person YA, action oriented fantasy. Looking for book 3.


(Dapper / TellTales #111)

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