Monday, April 25, 2022

Netflix - Manifest - Season 1 / 2 (2018..2019)


Discontinued on NBC, continued on Netflix. A bit similar to Lost, but Lost never did it for me. Thus far, the first two seasons of this show are available on NetFlix NL, and those are good. Season 3 isn’t available in NL because some Belgian station is still broadcasting season 3. So I’ll have to wait a bit longer even for season 4. Oh well.


An airplane disappears, only to show up five years later. All passengers have become kind of... clairvoyant. Well, make that 'muddyvoyant' (TM) 😁 and now they must try to right all kinds of wrongs. And that's the easy part...


Well, season one and two were fine, so I want to see where this takes me...

(From TellTales #111)


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