Monday, April 4, 2022

Adam Wright - Harbinger PI 2 - Buried Memory


Mister Harbinger (a blend of Philip Marlowe and Harry Dresden) finds out what actually happened in Paris, discovers his dad blocked certain memories, works together with a vampire to fight a horde of zombies / skeletons, and ends up asleep on his own lawn.


There are lots of magical PIs, and Harbinger is one more. Not bad, if you like the combination of hard-boiled detective and today's’ world spiced up with some supernatural flavor.

The tone is a bit different from the Dresden files, but both men could be brothers, and I guess it's clear where the inspiration came from...

As the series continues it might get better, perhaps even good, but it might also slide down into tropish 'me too' territory, only time will tell.

(From TellTales #111)

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