Monday, July 19, 2021

A C Hadfield - Carson Mach


I love my cheap, macho military / action / adventure SF. And because dumb books are easy to digest whilst doing something else I'm more than happy to look the other way.

But... there are limits. Especially when the same mistakes are made over and over again.


I tried the audiobook. The narrator is as macho as they got, up to an annoying level. Doesn't mean he's bad per-se, but the poor story certainly didn't help, and only made things worse.


There are a bunch of books in this series. Haven't tried any of them after not being able to finish the first one.

The 'alien-technology-upgrade-for-free trope'


Come on, dear authors. Don't write the next 'improve the ship by incorporating alien technology for free' storyline.

Let's be serious, if a stranger would knock at your door, carrying a small gun, would you offer him a bigger gun for free? After all, this stranger is an alien, with purple skin, three arms, and he smells like dead meat!

Let's be honest: it's not going to happen, yet it is an all too common trope. I don't mind it, but improving the vessel by integrating alien technology is... unlikely, at best. We can't even read C64 era floppies on our modern machines, and people seem to have completely forgotten all the troubles with RS232 communications, or any sort of software / hardware compatibilities of whatever nature. Now throw in alien technology, different materials and standards, protocols, signal types and levels, and whatnot.

Without a doubt, we would be able to interface with alien technology, but that would take time. Not a 14-hour installation, and off you go. For free.

Also, what lunatic would let some stranger install an unknown device in his car? Airplane? Spaceship?

So. I gave up. Maybe the rest of the story is fantastic, but I bailed out. Jumped ship. Left for another galaxy.


I bailed out before finishing. Maybe it's your thing, but it isn't mine.

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