Monday, January 11, 2021

Disney - The Mandalorian


Finally. Redemption.  After the promising The Force Awakens came The Last Jedi, which was so bad I completely gave up on the Star Wars universe. I still don’t know why they did not base the latest trilogy on Zahn’s three books (some seriously good reads)… still, TFA was promising. Then came TLJ and I thought I would never enjoy anything Star Wars again. (Except perhaps for the cartoons.)


Fortunately, The Mandalorian is fun. It isn’t afraid to return to the roots of Episode IV, with creatures and space ships, and old / new technology. And thus far no killer stars or death planets, but a single bounty hunter protecting a small kid.

And we got Ahsoka, finally! (Rosario Dawson does a good job, by the way.)

There is hope again, may the force be with us (and the showrunners)…

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