Friday, January 1, 2021

Critique Swaps

Welcome in 2021! It's time to wrap up Kind's Kiss, but I could use a little more feedback, so... how about some critique swaps?

Interested? Then read on...

Current suggestion

- Part 3 (containing 1. Not blonde to 5. Chill out, total approx. 4k)

Read this first

- I'm looking for originals and enjoyable reads

- So no fanfiction, no LitRPG, no werewolves, no mafia boss, no boy x boy stuff, or any endless romance (boooooring, I can handle some but pleeeeaaaaase...)

- I reserve the right NOT to review your stuff

- When in doubt, drop me a private message first

The rules

- You do a critique on one of my parts, and I'll return the favor (yes, you go first)

- Try to keep it fair, so let's swap 'x' words for 'y' words (my parts are about 2.5k words on average, though it varies)

- You're free to pick any part, if you don't know which one, I suggest the one at the top of this message

- When done drop me a line, tell me what you reviewed, what part you want me to review, and how large it is in words

- I'll then give comments similar to the one you gave, if I can (you might be a much better writer than I am!)

- If I deem my comments to be too tough I’ll PM you first

How to make sure I won’t read your story

- Poor paragraphing and unreadable dialogue (unable to figure out who says or does what)

- Confusing point of view changes (I’m stupid)

- Inconsistent first / third person, inconsistent present / past tense

- Writing in Sanskrit, Swahili, or Braille, or including tables (brrr)

- Anything involving Dumbledore x Hagrid, BTS, and / or werewolves

Don't know what I mean? Please check these first then:


- I’m NOT in this to increase my number of reads or votes! I’m looking for feedback!

- I can give detailed comments, but I’m not a native English speaker

- My work is contemporary fantasy (think Buffy meets Sabrina meets Warrior Witch)

- It’s a female MC and written in first person present tense (some people absolutely hate that)

- Some violence, a little romance, lots of snark


- WP:

- RR:

(RR writers: swap enough critiques and I'll throw in a free review :-))

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