Monday, November 2, 2020

Netflix - Bloodshot (2020)


Is Vin Diesel salty because he's just a voice in the biggest Marvel / Superhero series? Perhaps. Let's hope he keeps voicing Groot because this superhero movie Bloodshot certainly isn't worth your while, unless you like a. Vin Diesel, b. a perfect Vin Diesel, c. an unstoppable Vin Diesel, and d. Vin Diesel for president.


The graphics are good, the CGI's are fine, the action is well done, the story is predictable, but you never have the feeling it's on the edge, or that it's difficult. It almost feels like dear Vin doesn't want to tarnish his perfection by being non-perfect. Pity.

A movie by the numbers, that's all it is.

(Dapper / TellTales! #108)


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