Monday, June 15, 2020

The Spirit Within (2001)


Re-watched this one after a long time, and realized perhaps it's not as bad as most people (critics) said it was. Perhaps a little flat, but so are most K-pop girl bands after you take away foam and silicone 😊.

Hyped... down

Ignore the (negative) hype and give it another try. It's not that bad.

Oh yes. The plot is overused, some scenes seem to be only there to show off the dynamic 'hair' of the main characters, and typecasting is following the generic stereotypes, but hey, it's still better than a political correct gang on tricycles.

(Now seriously, that ain't a joke. I can't recall the movie but I've seen that scene (a multiracial tricycle kid gang) in a movie. Serious!)

And you have to admit. Those computer graphics were great. At the time.

Isn't it amazing that a modern day XBox or PS5 can produce similar graphics nowadays? Wow...

Dapper / TellTales! 49


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