Monday, May 11, 2020

Miles Cameron - Masters and Mages - Cold Iron / Dark Forge / Bright Steel

Book Review.

Starts with lots of sword and little sorcery, slowly moves into more sorcery then sword. Then ends in a rush.

Actually not bad, but the author was getting a little tired near the end, and decided to skip book 4.


Aranthur is a new student, fresh from backwater country, and studying magic in the big city. En route he picks up a sword and learns how to handle it.

It seems the author has a fair knowledge of sword fighting, or at least manages to leave a very good impression of being knowledgeable. Always a good thing for an author 😁

Fights and feats ensure, the magical system is interesting, and the world is alive. For two and a half book the story is consistent, the heroes fighting a big bad evil, and overcoming it. Then in the final one, two, three  (?) chapters suddenly the whole tone changes.

Either I have missed earlier hints completely, someone else wrote the last chapter(s), the author lost faith, or the publisher wanted the third book to be padded to match the other two. I don't know. It's just a mis-match.

Still any good? Yes, as the fighting is well set up, the story is believable, and the end... can be easily dismissed.


Worth a read, if you like blademanship and some high fantasy.

Certainly good enough to check out his other works, if any.


  1. Cold Iron
  2. Dark Forge
  3. Bright Steel

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