Thursday, May 14, 2020

Corona - T Plus 20 - The second wave

Will it happen? I don't know. But, frankly, I'm a little scared.

People appear to assume the worst is over. Yes, the numbers appear to be on the way down, so the government has relaxed the restrictions a bit...

The worst ain't over

From a purely statistical point it can't be over. Or can it?

Restaurants can open, schools re-open, public transport is getting ready for prime time (though now mouth covers are obligatory).

Let's carefully consider: the majority of the infections in the Netherlands occurred in the south, in Brabant. The quick infection rate in the area was most likely caused by 'Carnaval'. Since then, the spread has gone down, mostly because of an 'intelligent' lock down. And the number of dead decreased due to better understanding. Probably.

Now, with the relaxation of the restrictions the number of infections is likely on the rise, which actually is a good thing. (Seriously? Yes. Read more here.)

However, the increase should be controlled. And that's where the problem lies.

Social distancing? What social distancing?

Shopping, always a stressful event, at least if you're a man 😉, became even more stressful due to the restrictions and distancing in shops. Less space, more worries to get sick. But that is something I can deal with.

What I find way more troublesome is the complete disrespect of the 1.5 meters in the shops during my last two visits. People either no longer seem to care, are willing to take the risk, or assume the worst is over.

Me, I'm not that sure. If the majority no longer cares the infection rates will go up (no problem) to levels that the health system cannot handle (not good) which will result in stronger enforcement... or the acceptance of a high number of deaths.

Pick your evil. I'd rather live though...

Stay strong

Accept the increased freedom but let's stay careful, so the whole of us has a good change to survive. Why take unnecessary risks? And, let's be honest, life wasn't that bad without traffic jams and the senseless requirement to go into the office... for what?

Unfortunately, many managers will enforce their people to show up in the office, regardless of the government's advice to stay home, unless necessary. Managers. Are. People. People. Are. Stupid.

Oh well. I guess I won't live forever anyway...

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