Friday, March 13, 2020

Corona - T minus 42 - What's next?

Corona is here.

I made a quick estimate when the impact of the Corona virus would be largest, and that would have to be in 42 days.

The world is changing. Yet again. And though I am worried I'm an optimist: we've survived MERS, SARS, Justin Bieber, and even Trump (so far). We should be able to handle this one, though it might get hard


No, I'm not going to share my scientific reasoning, as there is little to none 😅 All I did was some number extrapolation, using an exponential scale, and assuming mass infection would take place in a somewhat controlled fashion.

So, what next?

Let's just follow the government's instructions, and see what happens next. I hope we'll find a cure anytime soon, because indoor living is going to be a bother after a while...

T minus 42. 

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