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C J Cherry - Foreigner - Visitor / Convergence / Emergence


We're at books 17, 18 and 19 of the Foreigner series. It looks like Cherryh isn't giving up. And, to be honest, these are quite readable, though perhaps a little slow.

The verdict

Let's start with the verdict.

Yeah, keep 'm coming. But it would be good to bring in a fresh challenge. I'm pretty much done with the Kyo and the shadow guild. It is time for a new challenge.


I listened to the audiobook, and the narrator has been the same since day 1, doing a pretty good job. No complaints there.


  • Visitor - 2016
  • Convergence - 2017
  • Emergence - 2018

My review of the earlier books in the you'll find here).


Convergence and Emergence are the latest two books (books 18 and 19!) in the Foreigner universe. Very talkative, with more politics than action.

Though Visitor, Convergence and Emergence solve the immediate Kyo problem they mostly seem to focus on human politics and problems.

At the end of Emergence it’s clear Bren Cameron’s role is changing. A paidhi is no longer the single point of contact between Humans and Atevi (and in the eyes of the Atevi he never was). Some subplots in Emergence, especially those regarding the sale of Reunion business secrets, feel like artificial add-ons.

Though the series is supposed to be build on shorter three book arcs, and  Visitor, Convergence and Emergence are supposed to be parts of different arcs, they more felt like one long, continuous story.

I’m not sure where Cherryh will take the series from here, as of the end of Emergence all is well on the world. Human problems have been solved, the refugees will be ferried down, the Kyo are gone, the shadow guild issues are mostly solved, the Marid clans have been tied to the Easterners and Westerners. In fact, Cherryh could have used this book to end the series.

But... two more books are announced.

Oh well. It will solve part of my traffic jam problem: alleviating (some) of the stress...

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