Monday, July 15, 2019

Rachel Aaron - Minimum Wage Magic


Little did I know that Rachel Aaron is Rachel 'Paradox' Bach, but yeah. It’s her. She wrote a fantasy series called Heartstrikers which I haven’t read yet, and now there’s this new book set in the same universe.

So what is it all about? (Sneaky preview: it's a fun read!)


I picked it up on Audible just because of the title.

For a moment I was worried it would be yet another fantasy / romance novel, which appears to be a complete separate (and apparently very popular) category, but Rachel managed to restrain herself and avoids most of the superfluous hugs and kisses and explicit carnal interaction. (Yeah, some of the recent series I've read or listened to have been that bad...) Some time ago I read Turtledove’s The case of the Toxic Spell Dump (thanks to Dapper!) and this has a bit of the same feeling.

Several reviews suggest the book is better if the Heartstrikers series is read first, but I found it an excellent stand-alone. (And after completing Heartstrikers I'd actually suggest to read this one first!)

Quick summary: the (adopted?) human daughter / pet of a dragon tries to make a living in the most magical / technological city in the world by cleaning out the homes of dead people. Which gets her in trouble.

That summary is not a joke. And the book is great.

Strongly recommended!


An enjoyable audiobook requires a good story and a good narrator. This one has both.

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