Monday, June 28, 2021

Helen Harper - Slouch With / Star Witch / Spirit Witch


If you like romance and fantasy, Helen Harper must be somewhere on your bookshelf. Nevertheless, she does write light, bubbly, funny tales, and this is one of those.

Contemporary witch who is way more powerful than she lets on, is lazy as hell, has a love / hate relation with a good looking male 'official', and a very rude cat (seriously).

The verdict

I don't think I'm the target audience 😊 being bald, male, and old myself, and tend to read these things for the non-romance part, so a definitely have to put in a YMMV warning. But it's well written, and the dialogue is great.

So not bad, but perhaps a little overly romantic and melodramatic, aimed at romance readers that recognize fun and can handle magic.

To all others: do not expect something deep and heroic, though the cat is fun. The mystery parts are a bit 'meh' but they offer a framework to drape the rest of the story over. 

Yeah, quite readable.


  1. Slouch Witch
  2. Star Witch
  3. Spirit Witch

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