Monday, June 7, 2021

Hyperpolice (1997)


Yeah, I know. Lot's of old anime lately.

Hyperpolice. Starts of as a comedy, but does introduce some more moral points of discussion during the series. Only 25 episodes, and not very well known... in the west.

Will be continued

The 'will be continued' at the end of the last ep indicates it may have / has been cancelled before completion...

I suspect there's a manga upon which this was based. (Or the other way around, dunno, you figure it out, try Google 😁)

Fan Service
Fan-service: as the majority of the viewer base is young adult male (and old balding geeks), these series must contain some minor nudity, deep cleavages, revealing clothes and loads of panty shots. The whole shebang is also called 'fan service', in case you didn't know.

Never a bad thing.

I guess I'm in somewhere on the fringe of the target audience 😅

The verdict

General opinion? Worth watching, if a bit old, and in spite of the superfluous fan service.

Dapper / TellTales! 38

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