Monday, October 22, 2018

Netflix - Maniac


I like weird stuff. I like science fiction. I like 60's The Avengers (the Emma Peel / John Steed version). I like VR5 and Nowhere Man. I like Tom Baker as Doctor Who. So... would (or should) I like this?

Yes. I would. And I did.

One shot

According to pretty much all sites (including Netflix 😁) Maniac is a 'limited' series. That's okay, as the story is wrapped up, self contained, and doesn't require a sequel. No cliffhangers.

Still, I'd like to see a sequel. Or better put: I'd like to revisit the world of Maniac. It has a kind of 80's vibe, everybody smokes, no iPads or mobile phones or Internet. It's a kind of alternate history, where the world of Maniac went zig where we went zag.

(If you don't like Internet advertising, you should see what 'Add Buddy' does to your private life!)

The Verdict


Emma Stone and Jonah Hill are perhaps two 'too big' names to continue such a quirky series, but I wouldn't mind a revisit to another part of this world, add some cameos, and give us more weirdness.

I'm game!

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