Monday, September 24, 2018

Star Trek Generations


In February 1995 I went to China, which was an amazing experience. I did come back, and ended up with two children and an ex-wife, so in hindsight, twenty years later, that was quite the adventure 😇

Just before leaving the country I also watched Star Trek Generations.


An interesting movie, but more suited for an extended television episode than a movie. From a commercial and marketing point of view though it was very clever...

  1. The end of Star Trek Next Generations with the Enterprise D crashing
  2. Kirk's fate is finally known... (I like Kirk but hate Shatner, go figure)
  3. Data has his (it's?) feelings...
  4. Everybody can prepare him / herself for the next Enterprise E / F / G...

Yes, I know, there's was a 'Voyager' and a 'Discovery' but believe me, there will be another Enterprise one day, wanna' take a bet?

Back to the movie: too many loose ends and plot-holes. (Why not use a space ship and park somewhere along the trajectory of the Nexus? Why bother with planets at all?) Some unbelievable events. (Simulating proton torpedo's? Kirk survives vacuum?) Some missing characters (though in the case of Wesley Crusher that was an improvement). Some inconsistent behaviour (Data, Crusher, Riker, and Troy).

Still the movie must be seen. If only to see Kirk die. And to realize that he wasn't that bad a captain after all. The contrasts between Kirk and Picard are interesting, showing the differences between bold and bald ☺ Data gets on my nerves,  though his "Yes!" (when they hit the Klingon ship) is quite funny.

We're not going to talk about the acting though. (Shatner does a pretty bad job). And we're so totally not going to talk about Kirk. (Now get serious, Kirk going down like this? He never ever would do so. It would be grandiose, epic, stupid. Yes, stupid. But still grandiose and epic. Not like this.)


In the end, there's only one thing that keeps bothering me: what happened to the Enterprise B?

A day in the office

Adding some reviews to this blog (20 years later, time flies when you have an (ex)wife and kids 😅, and looking on the Internet for the fate of Enterprise B led me to this:


Dapper 20 / TellTales! 4a

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