Monday, September 10, 2018

Roger Zelazny - The Dream Master / Dreamscape


In this novel a successful therapists accepts the challenge of his life: teach a blind wannabe therapist to deal with the visions of her (seeing) (future) clients.

Which leads to weird stuff.

Whom else?

The Dream Master by whom else but Roger Zelazny.

I would classify this as his weirdest book so far. Even Creatures of Light and Darkness was normal compared with this. With Zelazny it seems you just have to dive in and don't worry about it, go with the flow and things like that. A good read but you have to like Zelazny's style.

As for the plot, it's done before and after. Dreams as a kind of reality, entering someones dream, manipulating reality through a dream, and so on.

Interestingly Zelazny did write an outline for a movie, loosely based on / related to this novel. The outline was bought by 20th Century Fox, and turned into the movie Dreamscape.


When researching the book, reading that reference to the outline, and then reading about the movie and reading it's synopsis I became convinced I did see this movie once. Ages ago, but I cannot remember anything except three tidbits: the snake man, the ticket collector, and the cover that looks like an Indiana Jones movie... I wonder if we rented it on VHS or something?

I think I'll have to hunt this one down.

Other movies / books

- Dreamscape based on an outline by Zelazny
- Nightmare on Elm Street, released the same year as Dreamscape
- The Cell is, if not a remake then at least inspired by Dreamscape
- VR5, the series
- I guess Alice in Wonderland might also qualify 😏

... and many more, but these immediately came to mind.

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