Monday, September 3, 2018

Roger MacBride Allen - Farside Cannon


Scientist wants to save the world, gets caught in a web of intrigue and finally uses his exile to the far side of the moon as an advantage to stop an incoming meteorite.

Yes. MacBride Allen actually did write other stuff besides churning out Star Wars novels...

It's the moon, dummy!

Not very original (except for a one way route around the moon called the 'Sunway') but still a good read. Basic 'hard' sf, but well written.

As for MacBride Allen... it seems his original work isn't that popular. Just google for his name, switch to images, and row after row of Star Wars covers stare back at you.

Though this novel may be a bit dated (it dates back to '88 or so) and some of the secondary characters do not get the attention they (might) deserve this is a good read. MacBride Allen's characters have a certain wit, and they need to as things on the moon are quite different.  Some decent technology (it's hard SF, after all) but also political intrigue and action scenes quite suitable for a blockbuster.

Someone should turn this into a movie.

The plot: in this novel the main protagonist gets send to the moon, because he tried to save the earth. Which he does, because he was sent to the moon. More would be spoiling.

I suggest you find a copy and read it. It's time well spent.

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