Monday, September 17, 2018

John DeChancie - Castle Perilous / Castle for Rent / Castle Kidnapped / ...


If you don't mind how DeChancie treats bunnies, then, well, this is great light reading. Fluffy, too!

There is this castle, somewhere in the multiverse, where visitors and the regular guests from different realities mingle. At their own risk, of course. Especially when the host is away...


The best descrip­tion is probably 'fluffy bunny fantasy'... flat fun, don't ask for any deeper meanings! Best described as the illegitimate love child of Roger Zelazny and Terry Pratchett. Not in the same league, perhaps, but enjoyable nevertheless, and fortunately doesn't take itself very serious.

(Check out the fate of one particular pink and fluffy bunny...)


  • Castle Perilous
  • Castle for Rent
  • Castle Kidnapped
  • Castle War!
  • Castle Murders
  • Castle Dreams
  • Castle Spellbound

There's more, I think, but these are the ones I own and have read.

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