Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Top 5 'never give up' inspriational books, movies, songs

What makes you tick?

Monika’s Dapper contribution triggered some soul searching, and I discovered I cannot help myself: I’m motivated to a fault... And not always towards the proper goals as my employers can attest 😌

For those moments I'm not motivated I always have some ‘uppers’ at hand… Obviously, they had to be SF / SciFi / Music related… so here is my top 5 (and a bit)... 

Never-give-up-inspirational Scifi / Fantasy / Book / Movie / Song top 5

5. Space odyssey – Keith Laumer

One of my first SF reads. It’s plain simple space opera of a man looking for his lost love in a dangerous universe. It’s a fun read. And… the main character is willing to go all the way, and never gives up. (He gets the girl in the end, too.)

4. Aliens – James Cameron

The movie, obviously.

Ah… Ripley… I was in love I guess. You think the alien queen was a bitch? Well, Ripley went one better. Or actually two, taping a machine gun and a flame thrower together. When she stares in the camera, in the elevator scene, you almost start feeling sorry for the aliens.

3. Amber – Roger Zelazny

Corwin is the ultimate never-give-up character. He’s grumpy, moody, inconsistent, not necessarily good-per-se. But he does not give up. Never. Ever. Not even when he's wrong.

Zelazny’s first Amber series (books 1 to 5) have a very prominent place on my bookshelf, shared by none other. I don't think I am going to re-read them anytime soon, though, but that's because by now I have them almost completely memorized.

2. Highway to hell – AC/DC

My ‘quick fix’. This song simply isn’t taking itself too serious. It’s loud. Noisy. Stupid. A bit cynical. But so am I. It’s what I use whenever I have to do something I do not like, like driving to work knowing I have been (or will be) fired. Driving to the dentist for yet another root canal treatment. Driving home, expecting yet another challenge. That’s where this some comes in: pure energy,charging my battery.

1. Music – John Miles

Insurmountable problems require a song that ignores them. Epic. Pathos. Guitars and orchestras. It’s okay to sing (scream) along. And then, suddenly, the insurmountable problems are no longer insurmountable but just take some time. And someday I’ll find some solution. Thank you, mister Miles. You’ve been my savior more than once.

The runner-ups...

I said a Top 5, but I cannot continue without mentioning the following...

First the irrepressible Don’t stop by Fleetwood Mac, as well as the anthem Eye of the tiger by Survivor.

There's also this quote:
“ Wie tot blijdschap bereid is vind zelfs in de hel een gezellig plekje dicht bij het vuur. “

“ Those allowing themselves joy will even find in hell a comfy spot nearby the fire. “

I have no idea whose quote it is, but I found it in a Rijam school agenda ages ago. I still remember the drawing of a little devil staring in bewilderment at a human who was warming his hands, whilst stating ‘Behaaglijk’ or ‘Comfy’. This must have left a serious impression because, after all these years, I still remember. In essence, it’s another ‘do not give up’

(I've been looking for that cartoon for years, but never could find it.)

Then I have to add Big Trouble in Little China. Kurt Russel is Jack Burton. He simply is.

Finally, I’m wondering if I should mention pizza…

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