Saturday, December 23, 2017

Evan Curry - Odyssee One


Many 'space operas' have a similar theme: Earth develops instant space travel, encounters other humans in space, uses the instant travelling to battle evil space lords.

I'd suggest to skip these, unless you really like Ryk Brown, Christopher Nuttal, and the like.


Evan Curry's (audio) books fit into this category. Are they any good? Frankly... not so much. It's a bit 'more of the same' with some plot holes thrown in for good measure. But, when driving from / to work it helps to pass the time.

As for plot holes... If the CM fields are that good, then the easiest way to destroy an enemy is to destroy the world they live on... take a few chunks of iron, put a CM ('counter mass') generator on them, accelerate to .9 light speed and have them slam into the planet / base in question, problem solved. Each and every planet would simply be destroyed by these kind of planet busters, and the only place left to live in would be space stations, ships, and asteroid fields.

YMMV, definitely, and what repels one reader might just be 'my cup of tea' to another. (I shudder to think what people would say about my books, assuming I'd ever reach the lofty stage of a recognized author, but fortunately there is little chance of that.)


  1. Odyssee One
  2. The Heart of the Matter
  3. Homeworld 
  4. Out of the Black

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