Sunday, September 24, 2017

SqueezeBox - SQB

SQB is a small tool to modify playlists, and helps identifying and correcting missing files in your .MPU3 playlists.

SQB uses SOX to export all entries in a playlists (including .FLAC) to .MP3 for use on mobile players, in cars, or for use other devices only supporting MP3.


You will find SQB here:


After a serious HDD crash I restored my music collection, and found out that I had properly backed-up my music, but NOT my playlists, so those were pointing at files in an older folder structure. I also lost some music files.

I could not find something that did the job, so wrote this myself and have been using this for half a year or so now. Yes, it works 😁 And is free.

Below you will find the included release notes.

Release Notes

SQB is a .M3U playlist manager / tool for the SqueezeBox LMS. Only of use to SqueezeBox or other .M3U users.

With this you can manage your playlists, and export and convert (all songs on) a playlist to easily copy them to, for example, a portable MP3 player, a phone, or a memory stick or card to use in your car.

This is the first version ever. So be gentle :-)

What it does

  • Check and modify (SqueezeBox) .M3U playlists
  • Help detecting missing files
  • Simplify exporting and converting all songs in a playlist to a specific folder


  1. Make a backup of your .M3U files
  2. Unpack and copy the SQB folder anywhere you like
  3. Run SQB.exe
  4. Make sure to set all proper paths on the preferences tab


  • Nothing yet. But it works :-)
  • Note that SQB uses Sox for FLAC to MP3 conversion, see the Sox folder for more details on Sox
  • Most MP3 patents have expired by now, except for the US, where the final patent will expire December 2017
  • Sox requires some additional DLL's to handle MP3's, they are included
  • You're not allowed to use these DLL's in the US, but you could rebuild the DLL's or Sox itself using the source which is freely available on the Internet

Leave a comment if you need help with using this program.


SQB c2017 EJN. NO RIGHTS RESERVED. (Ha! I bet you didn't see that one coming! :-))

Do whatever you like with this program. But remember: I / we do not except any  responsibility for any damage caused by (the use of) this software, either direct or indirect. Use it at your own risk.


SQB is written in PureBasic v5.50 c2017 Fantaisie Software. SQB is in no way affiliated with PureBasic or Fantaisie software, nor do we claim any rights to their products. (You should try PureBasic though, it's a great language!)

If SQB or PureBasic uses any other licensed components, you should abide those licenses as well.

SOX and other includes

Please see the documentation included with Sox. Sox is NOT my work, neither are
the included DLL's.

Note on MP3 licenses

Special note on MP3 licenses: they may or may not apply, depending on the region where you leave. AFAIK MP3 is now free in the EU, and will be in the US in December 2017.

Again, You will find SQB (and some other tools) here:

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