Saturday, May 20, 2017

Netflix - Blame!


Blame! is a new anime on NetFlix, and proudly proclaimed to be a 'NetFlix Original'.

I'm not too sure what that actually means...

Nevertheless, Blame! is quite nice. It's animated by the same team as _Knights Of Sidonia_ (an anime series you can also find on NetFlix) and has a similar style.

Blame! is based upon the manga with the same name, in which a lone traveler searches for human survivors in an endless, self replicating city where robots and AI's have taken over. Not because of evil intent, but simply because all humans capable of interacting with the city (requiring a certain genetic trait) have died from some disease. Without that human input the city keeps reconstructing itself, killing of any remaining humans it encounters.

A little worrisome is the idea of one group (those with the genetic trait) being able to interact, whilst all other humans (without the gen) are not. It's a kind of 'spliced-in' superiority complex, effectively dividing mankind in 'haves' and 'have nots'. Well, what is new... With the elitists dying off the city takes over, slowly and unstoppable.

How close are we yet to AI's? What would happen if AI's would, for example, take over all construction activities upon on behalf, and one of those AI's goes haywire and keeps on building? It is not an impossible concept...

The movie is okay, though it could raise a few more questions. The story is a little simple, I guess this is one of those stories where I would like to read the original manga (seems to be hard to get and quite expensive though). Still a decent watch, I've seen a lot worse!

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