Monday, November 14, 2022

Scott Baron - The Clockwork Chimera 1 - Daisy's Run (2018)

Audiobook Review

Daisy's part of a limited crew, on their way to earth. But the closer she gets, the more she starts distrusting her fellow shipmates. What doesn't help is her distrust of artificial limbs and cyborg implants, something which all her shipmates have...


Fearing for humanity and trying to warn her fellow humans from an invasion of machines Daisy steals a derelict shuttle and lands on earth, where she runs into members of an alien race who've chewed up humanity's flesh and are now taking a bite of its concrete.


It turns out that mentally overpowered Daisy herself isn't as human as she thought she was, and that the machines are trying to bring back humanity, not destroy it.


Better than the book, I guess...


SF, first person, past tense, tough lead character but it's a little naive. That's a trait that seems to haunt many an SF book. Authors do not seem to think things through. A bit of suspension-of-disbelief is fine, but many of these stories lack a reality check. Maybe get a technically oriented beta reader to fix these kind of problems...

The writing itself is okay, but it's all a bit samey-samey, nothing new. You might want to look for better stuff.


Dapper / TellTales! #114

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