Monday, June 20, 2022

Daniel Wilson - The Clockwork Dynasty (2017)

Audiobook Review.

A SciFi novel whose main mechanism borders on Fantasy. It's a fair read, in which a historian hunts for automata / automatons / clockwork, and discovers some of those clockworks are a lot like human beings. I'm not entirely sure if I should classify this as SF or Fantasy, but I'll settle for SF as there is some (semi) scientific explanation for all of it.


Besides, who are we to differentiate between magic, and the science of some advanced civilization?

I'd love to talk to the author and straightforward pose the question: did you plan to write something completely different when you started? Because it's a good read, but I wouldn't be surprised if the original intention was a horror or scary fantasy novel.


I just love that cover! (Click on the image above to enlarge.)




Yep, quite readable. 

Dapper / TellTales! #113

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