Saturday, June 18, 2022

Backup / Migrate OBS and TouchPortal

Lots of overly long explanations on YouTube. Here's my approach to backup / migrate OBS and TouchPortal settings.

This is an alternative to my previous post.


I. Prepare / Backup


  1. Exit TouchPortal
  2. Create a folder <googledrive>\migration\touchportal\<backupname>
  3. Copy the contents of %appdata%\TouchPortal\ to that folder

(%appdata% will expand to something like c:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\)

As an alternative you could copy one of the backup sets from TouchPortal. These will typically be stored at C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Touch Portal Backups

OBS 27.2.4 (64 bit Windows)

  1. Create a folder <googledrive>\migration\obs\profiles
  2. Create a folder <googledrive)\migration\obs\scenes
  3. Start OBS
  4. Select the profile you want to export (in OBS under the menu Profile / <profilename>)
  5. Profile / Export
  6. Save that profile in <googledrive>\migration\obs\profiles\
  7. Select the scene collection you want to export (Scene Colletcion / <collectionname>)
  8. Scene Collection / Export
  9. Save that scene collection in <googledrive>\migration\obs\scenes\

II. Install / Restore


  1. Exit TouchPortal
  2. Find your backup folder <googledrive>\migration\touchportal\<backupname>
  3. Copy the contents of that folder to %appdata%\TouchPortal\
  4. Start TouchPortal
  5. Check Settings / OBS Settings, and compare these with OBS (Tools / WebSockets Server Settings)
  6. Check under Settings / General Settings the port numbers, these should match those on your phone / tablet

Note 1: check both on your PC as well as on your phone / tablet, some values may have been overwritten. Pay extra attention to IP addresses and port numbers both on the device and your host PC.

Note 2: TouchPortal has a build-in backup / restore mechanism, but unfortunately the restore option kept failing on my machines for users without Admin rights. The method above always worked.


  1. Start OBS
  2. Restore your profile with Profiles / Import
  3. Restore your scenes with Scene Collection / Import
  4. Check Tools / WebSockets Server Settings, and compare those with TouchPortal (Settings / OBS Settings)


If not done yet, add both OBS and TouchPortal to the list of applications that may pass the firewall.


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