Monday, May 9, 2022

Gerald Brandt - San Angeles 1 - The Courier


16 y.o. girl orphan has dragged herself out of the gutter, and now works as a courier. When she is asked to deliver a package late at night she witnesses a murder, and runs away with the package, chased by one of the mega corporations controlling the world.


The world is a multi-layer car park. The whole area between Los Angeles to San Francisco has been turned into a seven level concrete structure, where each level itself is a couple of floors high. Rich people live on top, poor ones at the bottom.


The world is a multi-layer car park. There's no further explanation of sunlight, or how pollution, ventilation etc. is handled, or even if the cars and bikes are electrical or gas. It's a very 'American' way of looking at the world, just take the poor outskirts of Houston or any other US city, and stack seven layers of that.

It's a light, action oriented read, with a little romantic insert near the end. I'm not sure who the target audience is. 16 year old characters seem to be popular lately. This one falls for a guy 8 years older. Wishful thinking on the author’s side, or have older men become more popular than ever? Ho hum.


Not entirely sure. Some elements are good, some poor. Good enough if you need to waste some time and can't handle more than action oriented popcorn level.

(From TellTales #111)

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