Monday, March 7, 2022

Joel Shepherd – The Spiral Wars - Renegade / Drysine Legacy / Kantovan Vault (2015....)


Space Opera / Military SF, but with one twist: no artificial gravity thus far, which has a lot of impact on the scenes in space. Thus far it follows a predictable pattern (rogue starship flees because it’s captain was betrayed by the space navy’s top brass) but the alien races are interesting, the setting is interesting, and it’s completely without teen angst. (After sampling as many first person present tense works as I could I can only conclude that those are mainly targeted at YA / NA, and include lots of whining.) 

The Verdict

The first two books are great. I haven't finished the third one yet, but thus far it looks promising!

(From Dapper / TellTales #110)

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