Monday, September 21, 2020

Edmund Hughes - Arcane Dropout


A download, noticed too late it contained ‘adult scenes’. Would be a reasonable book, except for the sex scenes, and the epilogue. 

I probably won’t read any of the sequels after that epilogue. Such a pity.

Sex scenes

Is this the work of a smaller author who could not stand out in the crowd without throwing in some sex scenes, or is this a story a bigger author couldn’t sell under his own name? I’d be tempted to suggest that this is an alias for Christopher Nuttall, as it seems to be a somewhat similar style, especially this kind of epilogue is his thing. But such a suggestion might be unfair to both Hughes and Nuttall 😁

The verdict

The author may have found his niche, but I think with a little more polishing and humor, and a little less sex, the story could have been a lot better.

At least he's published whilst I am not 😔

Dapper / TellTales! #104


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