Monday, May 3, 2021

Netflix - Shadow and Bone (2022)

Series Review.

Shadow and Bone is a fantasy series on Netflix, with shades of The Witcher, Game of Thrones, Shanara, and every other fantasy series ever. Which doesn't make it bad. In fact, it throws in enough interesting twists to make it worth your while.

Leigh Bardugo

The series is based on the books of Leigh Bardugo (the Grisha trilogy, and the Six of Crows duology). I haven't read of any of those, so I can't comment on how well the series represents the source material. As I understand they've 'remixed' the trilogy and duology, which appears to have worked well on-screen.

I hope there will be two more seasons and a nice wrap-up.

(Oh please, for once, give us series with proper endings, please please please please please?)



That's what it definitely is. Not afraid of somewhat touchier subjects (racism, discrimination), some morally grey characters, an evil bastard that's worth to be hated, and so forth. The CGI is more than adequate, and I can stand the characters fairly well (even if the series is trying a little too hard to be LGBT+ friendly and multi racially correct).

Of course, a good fantasy buff has seen it all, but that is inevitable with hundreds of thousands (millions?) of fantasy books, and thousands of movies and television series.

Should you watch this? Yeah... Think of it as 'Witcher Light' and you're fine 😅

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