Monday, January 18, 2021

Francis James Blair - Bulletproof Witch - The Delivery of Flesh (2019)


Just started this YA (?) series, about an alternative reality in which a gun-slinging daughter tries to take down the demon that killed her grandpa. I never heard of it before, but a reader told me Kind’s Kiss made him think of that series, so I had to try. (I think it's very different, but that's okay.)


First book was very short (merely an appetizer) but I’ll give the next (full sized) book a try. Not bad thus far.


The audiobook narration is okay, but could have used a better studio to get some better audio quality. It somehow leaves the impression it was recorded in a back room on hobby kit.


Fine, and good enough to make me want to read the first full book.

Dapper / TellTales! 106

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