Thursday, December 31, 2020


Wrapping up 2020, and Welcome to 2021!

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I made good progress on my writing. Well, let's give that a little nuance. I wrote a lot, then had to rewrite most of it as I learned many things. And after an interval of umpteen years I started playing D&D again. And then had to stop, because the end of the world arrived in the form of Corona / Covid...

2016 is often called the 'worst year ever' but I guess 2020 is at least a close competitor for the title. I'm not sure I feel that way, but it certainly wasn't a great one. I have a feeling 2021 isn't going to be much better...

Something positive then. After the endless (nasty) mindgames played by Mercedes Benz and Lewis Hamilton, and the poor performance of the Renault engines there is finally some hope for Red Bull and Max Verstappen. They didn't do that bad in 2020. Lessee what they can make of 2021...

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