Tuesday, September 29, 2020

My book... is still alive

Column. Writing.

I know the series' name will cause some dispute and raised eyebrows, but I still decided to use the 'concept' name I used for my story.

Don't worry. It has nothing to do with the actual killing of people. 

Then... why?

It's just the series' name. It is based on a certain concept in the story (can't tell you what it is, read or buy the book 😉). And yeah, I just might have to change it later, but for now it will have to do. And it may draw some attention and thus provide free marketing, who knows?

(Or it will be banned in five minutes, and nobody will ever hear of me again. Also a possibility 😇)

So, your book's about... what?

I'm working on a YA / NA series written around a teen with a shady past. It includes some violence, bits of romance, contemporary fantasy, guns, wolves, and lots of snark. I have to mention the snark.

It is not extremely violent, gory, sexual. It is trying to be entertaining, though in between the lines things like identity may come up. There's one thing it is not about: whining.


Why mention it now? Why bring the site live? Well, I'm now 100k words into book one, and it all seems to come together, so this is in preparation of the next stage: endless editing 😒

At least I can share the concept cover art for book two, even if I haven't started yet 😊

But... I'll better speed things up, because at this speed it is going to take me another two to three years to get this done. Must... write...

And... where?

You'll find the current draft / work-in-progress version on Wattpad.

Please be aware that at this date perhaps 30% of all written material has been posted. But if you want to make an honest, fair assessment instead of jumping on the series' title or website name, please follow the link above and read.

If you like it, tell other people. If you don't, tell me.


I've removed it from Wattpad, as I am exploring other avenues.

I found an error!

Without a doubt! And I appreciate your feedback! So please, please, please leave your comments on Wattpad or Royal Road, so I can improve on my writing, and bring this tall tale to a satisfying end.

Thanks in advance!


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