Monday, April 27, 2020

B.V. Larson - Lost Colonies - Battle Cruiser / Dreadnought / Star Carrier


Space opera, but in spite of some good ideas not great stuff. Frankly the narrator (yeah, an audio book yet again) gets it right... which doesn't help. Duh?

The good

A race of clones, multiple layers of truth, reprogramming the population of earth.

The bad

The main character is a Larry Stu (your male equivalent of a Mary Sue) and an arrogant prick. Some of the space battles are repetitive, there's little to no use of missiles (and no explanation why missiles are not used). There's a transmission that contains an AI that watches the main characters (duh). There's a kind of interactive holographic communication requiring an implant, but a total stranger (an Alpha) can use it without an implant...

The ugly (the verdict).

Meh. Sorry. An unlikable main character doesn't improve things, and some of the technological errata makes me sigh deeply.

I'd skip it.

These are actually my first B.V. Larson's reads. I have heard his other books are better, we'll have to see...


  1. Battle Cruiser
  2. Dreadnought
  3. Star Carrier


The narrator does a fairly good job in portraying the main character, but that doesn't help the book as much as one would hope: the protagonist of the story is a prick, and the narrator gets it exactly right.

In fact, any other character voiced by the narrator sounds more sympathetic than the main character, and that includes the villains. Oh my.



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