Monday, June 22, 2020

Daniel Arenson - Earthrise - Earth Alone / Earth Lost / ...


Scum. That's what the aliens are called. Horrible. That's what these books are.



Earth is attacked by aliens, who are a kind of biological hive-mind war machines with a bad attitude and an evil inclination.

The hero is a farm boy, his girlfriend is 0.5% alien, the writing itself is okay, but the story is horrible.

Tropish, cheap, a bad C- movie at best. Not even worth the effort to download it illegally, or the paper it is printed on, sorry. There's even a sequel series Children of Earthrise which is just as bad.

This is one of those cases where I wonder who the audience is. Please, mister author, try your hand at a more logical, more reasonable plot. I am certain your book is catering to the taste of a certain audience, and great if they enjoy them, but I think you as an author can do better.


  1. Earth Alone
  2. Earth Lost
  3. Earth Rising
  4. ...

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