Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Amy Duboff - Cadicle


Space Opera. The cover claims: "Reads like a classic from the masters."

And indeed it does. A bad classic. By masters in what exactly? Sorry, but this one's a definite do not read.

Not good

Let me point out a few of the flaws, just a few...

1. It's all too easy, there's little to no challenge. The main character escapes his home planet, steals a spaceship (but isn't blown out of the air by the local defense grid).

2. He finds a friendly captain taking him on-board without any serious questions or background checks, escapes an assassination attempt because of a newly discovered super powers.

3. Then without further ado is allowed into a secretive organization which further trains his superpowers. For free. No strings attached. Oh, and everyone is friendly to him.

4. A power cell capable of powering a star ship... in a suitcase?

5. A space fighter's wing is damaged in a fight and now it has to make larger turns?

6. The aliens are about to throw the hero out of the airlock, he escapes and steals a fighter, and then they try to catch him again alive?

7. Young boy of 17, no wait, 14,  manages to fly a complete alien type of fighter, and even manages a couple of kills?

8. Dad leaves a just kidnapped and returned son alone to sleep. In fact, the amount of attention the kid gets, after escaping, is minimal. A kid that was kidnapped by aliens, who could have done all sorts of things.

And the list goes on and on.

A definite don't read.

Dapper / TellTales! 99

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