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Sol Bianca - The Legacy (anime and OST)


In 2003 I watched the anime series Sol Bianca - The Legacy. I never saw the 90's series it was a sequel to (couldn't find it anywhere) but I remember the sequel itself. Mostly because of the intro song, which was great.

From Dapper May 2003

You probably can't buy it anywhere, so get on the Internet, download it and listen to it. It's off-key, too quick, uneven on the samples, and even contains some hickups.

It's the title song of Sol Bianca - The Legacy...

But it's extremely upbeat and fun!

And, as I am in a desperate need for upbeat stuff to fight another incoming depression, I turn the volume up, and sing (or scream) along. Loud.

I like this song. Escapism ultra optima forma. And, although I'm not that much into lyrics, and certainly not interested in the deeper meanings (that's soooo sixties, love is peace and understanding, pass the hash pipe dude)... But I do like these lyrics. So sing along now...

(The first link is the official opening, the second link the song as it is on the OST CD.)

To be freeeeeeeeeee....

August 2018

Bought it!

I ordered one CD in Japan. (I feel like an utter otaku nerd right now.) A long time ago I watched Sol Bianca - The Legacy. I liked the music, but when I checked for the soundtrack it was overly expensive. I have been considering ordering that CD, but never did. Now, after some stormy episodes in my private live I decided to do one of those things I could not reason myself into in the past.

And what do you know? It is available via from a Japanese reseller, a used copy but at a good price. The only drawback? I couldn’t match any of the listed songs to the one I was looking for (To be Free by Stella Furst).

As there was no other Sol Bianca related soundtrack or CD ever released I took the gamble and ordered it…

It turned out to be the right one, pfew! And appears to be new as well, in spite of being listed as second hand.

So now, I can seriously sing along... (Poor neighbors!)

The anime

Uh, almost forgot! I talked about the sound track of _Sol Bianca - The Legacy_ but how about the show itself?

Well, it's an anime series, I think it's an OVA (direct release to video) based upon (set up as a prequel to) two earlier movies (which I haven't found, any help is welcome). Full female crew of space pirates wrapped up in private relations and an unexplained plot to nuke an already devastated earth.

I have the feeling there is more to the story than was told, this leaves enormous plot holes... Their ship is ancient and has powers no longer found, one of the crew members might be a robot and is linked to the ship, a young girl is looking for her parents... Still, it doesn't really go anywhere nor does it explain too much, but is okay to watch.

There was a third part planned, but never produced due to lack of success of the first two parts. I wonder... Does the original OVA, upon which The Legacy was based, explain everything and are the missing parts supposed to be explained in part 3?

Plot (no spoilers)

Thousands of years into the future, mankind has colonized other planets across the galaxy and completely forgotten about Earth. On one part of the galaxy, the female space pirates and their colossal starship Sol Bianca get a surprise when a young girl named May stows away on board the ship. The crew then embarks on a journey to Earth to find the whereabouts of May's parents and discover the secrets of the lost planet.

Or so Wikipedia tells us...


To be free.
(Seiko Nagaoka, Sol Bianca OST)

Though you try to drain my mind
With all your foolish lies
I am fragile but powerful
No need to deny
Listen to my deed
I know your scheme
Is just a constant bluff
I need to get away
From this game you like to play

To be free
As free as a bird can be
Got a goal to reach
Be free
As free as a bird can be
Though you may not believe it

"Come and going as you please"
Was never in the line
Wining, dining, amplifying
Need to go and shine

Destined to complete
My endless need
Before the dawn erupts
I'm gonna hide away
Got a creed that beats my greed

To be free
As free as a bird can be
Got a goal to reach
Be free
As free as a bird can be
You believe it
I am free
As free as a bird can be
Got a goal to reach
Be free
As free as a bird can be
Although you may not believe it

If you try to drain my mind
You'll wind up hypnotized
I am fragile yet powerful
Don't think otherwise

I'm free to make it
I'm free to make it
I'm free to make it
I'm free to make it


Dapper / TellTales! #35 / #94

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