Monday, March 29, 2021

Photon (1997)


You'd be tempted to think I watch loads of anime... but I don't. These are old reviews I wrote over the years, most for Dapper. I promised to post something every Monday, and I have been a bit busy, work wise, so here's another review of something old.

Photon then... Six episodes... Drawing style is somewhat childish, plot is somewhat illogical, purpose is somewhat undefined, it's all somewhat... vague.


Who was this made for? It isn't entirely children stuff (too much blood, although the Japanese don't seem to mind, must be a cultural thing) but it's too childish to be of serious interest to adults. Some nice touches, and I expected something more interesting after seeing the first one or two episodes... But no, this one let me down a little. I guess that's why I could only find six episodes...

You might wanna' have a look at it, but I'd advise against spending (wasting?) your money on it...

Unless you're an otaku, of course.

Dapper / TellTales! 35

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