Monday, June 21, 2021

Tim C. Taylor - Marine Cadet / Indigo Squad / Renegade Legion


An interesting premise (five million kids were sold into slavery to protect earth) takes an interesting route (let's gene engineer our cannon fodder and make them think they matter) then ends up as yet another 'soldier becomes sergeant becomes general'.

The story wanders around a bit, rambles and wanders now and again, and I still haven't figured out if the main character is a little naive... or if it's the writer.


The series is called 'The Human Legion'.
  1. Marine Cadet
  2. Indigo Squad
  3. Renegade Legion

... and four more, but these are the titles I read thus far...


Not a classic, but if the soldier to general trope is your thing, you might try it. I'm a bit worried this is yet another 'self insert' where someone would like to become a supersoldier-general hybrid. I've seen too many of those...

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