Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 (1998)

Anime Review.

Remember the old Bubblegum Crisis? Well, here's the remake (which itself is also twenty years old), brought into a slightly newer era (we want rock, we want roll).


Supersuited team fights robots that have gone berzerk. Ah. Done.

Tokyo 2040 (1998)

As for the ending, 2040's ending was a little too 'godly' (an issue that affects a lot of anime). But still, if you liked the original Bubblegum Crisis, try this one on for size.

The 2040 'end game' seems to differ from the original series, but as no one is telling how it should have ended there's no way to know what the original authors / creators had in mind...

The original (1987)

... should have been 13 episodes, but only 8 were made / released. Fortunately a lot better than the cover suggests 😅

Crash (1991)

There was the ill-fated and cut-short Bubblegum Crash in between, which supposedly was based on the original intended ending, but who can tell?

Anyway, I belong to the 'Sylia Stingray is a Boomer' faction... It somehow makes sense.


If you find yourself partial to the Bubblegum universe, then check out Parasite Dolls and AD Police. Especially Parasite Dolls shows the much darker underbelly of the 'bubbly' 'Crisis' universe.


I found a comparison of old and new artwork on an old Angelfire page (heh, didn't even know that still existed). Here's the link:

And here's the comparison, in case the original site would go down...

The 1998 artwork is sharper, not just in style but also actual drawing 😎 but I prefer the original Priss 😉

The 1998 version is nice, in its own way, but I preferred the original series, which was somewhat more fresh.

But... Isn't it time to get another remake?

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