Monday, August 23, 2021

Keith Laumer - Worlds of the Imperium


I got this one bundled together with Marion Zimmer Bradley's Seven from the Stars in an Ace double. I did read this one before (in Dutch), but didn't realize that at first. Either version might have been a rewrite, or my memory simply failed me.

Not that it mattered much, as I like to re-read enjoyable books.

It's the first of Keith Laumer's alternate reality stories, featuring 'Blitho P3' , ehm, sorry, 'Blight Insular III'. (I wonder if Ron Hubbard used that name on purpose.)


Old but enjoyable.


Keith Laumer wrote more stories in the same universe:

  • Worlds of the Imperium (1962)
  • The Other Side of Time (1965)
  • Assignment in Nowhere (1968)
  • Time Trap (1970)
  • Back to the Time Trap (1992)

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