Friday, May 25, 2018

Christopher Nuttall - The Oncoming Storm / Falcone Strike / Cursed Command / ...


And yes, another Christopher Nuttall series. Well, he is productive. This time it's the younger sister of Honor Harrington. There's no treecat even though the main character is called 'Kat'. Yeah, unrelated, I know.

Anyway, this is space opera, as the book covers clearly illustrate.


Euh... Not exactly. I mean, it's rather obvious many space opera tales will involve an untested aristocratic captain with some superhuman features, and all those space operas will put aforementioned captain in a situation where he / she is in an impossible position, in an outdated, outnumbered ship, fighting not only the enemy but also one or more braindead superiors.

Let's call it inspired.

I have to admit the later novels slowly reach their own flavor.


  1. The Oncoming storm
  2. Falcone Strike
  3. Cursed Command
  4. Desperate Fire

I think I've seen a fifth novel, which wasn't a straight continuation, but I could be wrong.


Well. Yeah, it's space opera light. If you are expecting something like Weber you will be disappointed. I would not call these 'good'. Sorry.

But as filler it isn't too bad. The good news? These are relatively cheap as audio-books, so it makes your traffic jams somewhat easier to endure.

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