Saturday, November 11, 2017

Facts are stubborn things. Perception... not so much.


To turn things your way, you do not have to manipulate facts, you could also simply manipulate perception, which is perfectly legal.

Even Trump would get away with it. It's not even fake news...


Take, for example, the case Diallo versus Kahn, in 2013.

(I'm not taking a stand here on who's right or wrong!)

Did Strauss Kahn do the evil thing, or was he a victim of a deliberate (sponsored) attack by Nafissatou Diallo? I’m not the one to decide, but it’s interesting how the two major players are portrayed in the media. Are these even the same people?

On sites that are convinced there was a rape, the images are selected correspondingly. Diallo a friendly young face, Kahn an unshaven lecher.

Turn another page, and you’ll find a more neutral site, which selected images of a worn-out Diallo and a gentleman Kahn.

Again, are these even the same people? (There's no way for me to know, but of course it would be possible that some websites would have used a photo of someone else, either sloppy journalism or pure laziness. It doesn't matter, because this isn't about facts or accuracy anyway.)

It is clear we are manipulated. Perhaps not deliberately (pfff) but then at least the initial perception of the media colors their selection of pictures.

Yes. We are manipulated. And we’re all manipulating the people around us.

We comb our hair and put on a shirt and tie when we apply for a job. Lipstick and mascara and a little mirror are required attributions before going down town.

Perhaps all the Internet does is reflect our true nature… and that is a saddening thought.


Personally, I think only an idiot (like a former Italian prime minister) would be tempted to make a pass in a large, public hotel. Being the person that I am, believing in the evil nature of humanity, my first thought was there would have been something of mutual interest, being it of physical or financial nature, or both. Then again, I am known to be wrong.

According to Wikipedia a settlement was reached, which could be explained either way. You draw your own conclusions.


Back to Trump. Honestly? Even though I try to be as objective as I can, I start finding it very, very hard to believe some of the things Trump says. He could be right, the media might manipulate the facts, but what's new about that? 

Does he ever watch recordings of his own... euh... performances? Some of the things he says in front of the camera put serious doubts in my mind. Doubts about the man, and the people who voted for him. I just hope I am wrong and he's not the idiot the media paint him.

But... if he's trying to manipulate our perception he's doing a pretty poor job.

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