Friday, May 7, 2021

Corona - T Plus 358 - Side effects


One of the more curious side effects of this whole Corona mess is a loss of sense of time. We've been locked in our homes, stuck in an endless rut of repeating events, surrounded by the same four walls. For so long now that we're all losing our sense of time, even without catching actual Covid. Nothing seems to change, except for the weather, so perhaps it's only natural to forget about unimportant things like seasons, appointments, and clocks...

It happened to me today. You see, I have this morning ritual. Every morning, when I wake up (I am one of those people who use their phone as an alarm clock) the first thing I do is check my agenda.

Not my email. Not my Facebook. Not even Google News. I've done all that in the past, but these days I  limit myself to my agenda. It's bad enough that I have to maintain two calendars, one for my job, and one for private events.

This morning I stuck to my routine, checked both calendars, and smiled. They were empty. I could hear the kids messing around downstairs, having a late breakfast, and doing whatever teens do when they don't have to go to school.

But of course, I told myself, it's a Saturday, my calendar is supposed to be empty!

So I took my sweet time to get ready for the day, showered, dressed, stared in the mirror at my puffy face for half an hour, before ambling downstairs. Then I made myself a pot of tea, and in pure bliss enjoyed my first cup of the day.

Ignoring the kids, obviously.

Only then I realized it was still Friday...

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