Monday, January 20, 2020

Ian Douglas - Semper Mars


Marines in space. 'Nuff said. Will appeal to some, but I found it a little flat. His work under the alias 'William H Keith' (or the other way around), for example the Warstrider series, seems to be a bit better.


I've done the first trilogy book, let's see what the other books bring. When I find them on the cheap 😇

They did not leave much of a lasting impression though... I can't even recall what these were all about... Marines on Mars are soooo last century...

Good: technology seems to be believable. Bad: it's US first and last, baby!

Honestly, the amount of patriotism is going to put everyone seriously off (except those living in the US and madly in love with the US Marine Corps). It's a bit too much...


UN & US forces fight for possession of alien artifacts on mars. With US Marines being the good guys and French UN soldiers being, well, wankers.


Heritage trilogy

  • Semper Mars
  • Luna Marine
  • Europa Strike

Legacy trilogy

  • Star Corps
  • Battlespace
  • Star Marines

Inheritance trilogy

  • Star Strike
  • Galactic Corps
  • Semper Human

Still some left to read I guess 😊

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