Monday, May 6, 2019

Glynn Stewart - Interstellar Mage


There are actually two series of books staged in the same universe. Thus far I've only read book one of the second (spin-off) series.

An interstellar mage gets picked up by a freighter captain with history, and the two of them become unwillingly involved in interplanetary conspiracy and piracy.

Magic, but not as you know it

This is space opera with FTL engines replaced by teleporting mages (who could just as well be paranormal gifted mutants, the whole magic thing doesn’t matter too much). At least not in this book, which I qualify it as science fiction, not fantasy.


The audiobook I listened to had two outright horrible narrators, alternating the male and female characters. It is something I severely dislike. I want one voice, one narrator, when it’s an audio book. An audio book is not a radio play.

In this case it was even worse because both narrators were 'flat', emotionless, boring speakers. A pity because the books are better then their audio counterparts. Not exceptional, but okay.

I think I'll skip these as audiobooks, and grab them as ePub's and give my Kobo e-reader a good workout. Once I find the time...


Starship's Mage

  1. Starship's Mage
  2. Hand of Mars
  3. Voice of Mars
  4. Alien Arcana
  5. Judgment of Mars
  6. Unarcana Stars

Red Falcon

  1. Interstellar Mage
  2. Mage Provocateur
  3. Agents of Mars

Dapper / TellTales! 95

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